Compliance Pack

Installers kit containing all products needed to achieve compliance with the domestic building services guide
Kit contains: 22mm magnetic filter, 15mm electrolytic inline scale inhibitor, 500ml BUILDCERT approved inhibitor, 500ml cleanser Both the inhibitor & cleanser provided treat 100 litres – a typical central heating system with approximately 10 radiators.

● One year replacement guarantee
● WRAS approved product
● Maximum working pressure: 10 bar at 20°C
● Made in Great Britain
● Service life – up to 10 years
● Saves energy costs
● No chemicals or power needed
● Easily installed
● No moving parts
● No maintenance required
● 15mm compression fittings
● Dimensions: 170mm x 26mm diameter



● Works as a dual filter to maximise the life expectancy of your boiler whilst maintaining fuel efficiency
● Unique spiral action forcing the flow through 5 dirt separators
● Easy to install and maintain without disassembly of any components
● Dosing port enables easy access to top up of system inhibitor chemicals
● Spanner provided for lid and service valves
● Removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles
● 22mm compression fittings
● 1/2″ BSP drain plug
● Glass filled reinforced plastic nylon
● Maximum working temperature 130 C
● Maximum working pressure 3 bar
● Maximum flow rate 50 litre per min
● Rare neodymium 9500 gauss magnet
● 10 year magnet warranty
● All the seals are high temperature EPDM seals
● 9 dirt separators
● 10 debris breakers built into the filter
● Low level drain plug to save space
● Triple seals in isolating valves
● Deeper pocket for copper pipe insert which prevents leaks



Directions: For use in indirect systems only. Triple X inhibitor prevents scale, corrosion, hydrogen gassing, boiler noise and micro biological growth. For best results systems should be flushed with Triple X Cleanser prior to adding Triple X Inhibitor.

Product Code: TRIPCON1


Tower Triple X Cleanser TRIPCON2:
Dosing: New Installations: Tower Triple X Cleanser should be circulated around the system, at normal running temperature with all valves open for two hours. Thoroughly flush the system before refilling and adding Tower Triple X Inhibitor. Existing installations: Tower Triple X Cleanser should be circulated around the system, at normal running temperature, with all valves open, for a minimum of two hours or up to two weeks depending on the condition of the system, until satisfactory performance is obtained. Thoroughly flush system before refilling and adding Tower Triple X Inhibitor. This product was manufactured under a quality system accredited to ISO 9001 and an environmental management system accredited to ISO14001.

Product code: TRIPCON2

Each 0.5 litre container of Triple X Concentrate product is usually sufficient for a standard domestic heating system up to 100 litres (approx 10 radiators).

Pack Product Code: COMKIT