Optimum Vibe - OP-TPISTAT
Optimum Vibe - OP-TPISTAT

Tx 360

Rx 360

Optimum Vibe

The optimum vibe is a radio frequency battery-powered programmable room thermostat with touch-screen controls, providing six timed temperature periods every 24 hours. The transmitter (Tx) has a large blue backlit display and runs a pre-programmed user adjustable temperature profile. Users can just touch the up or down control icon at any time to manually adjust the current temperature setting.

The receiver (Rx) must be wall-mounted adjacent to the boiler, provides volt-free switching and displays indicator l.e.d. showing power and load status, and has a button for manual operation if required. The control set uses the license-free 868mhz frequency, and is pre-linked in the factory with a unique code.

  • Radio frequency programmable thermostat
  • Equipped for wall mounting or table-top use
  • Wall-mounted receiver
  • Volt-free switching suitable for combination boilers
  • Class IV control, 2% system efficiency contribution