OP-IHTDIGI Digital Immersion & General Purpose Timer

Digital Immersion and
General Purpose Timeswitch

• General purpose Timeswitch for surface mounting
• 24 Hour and 7 day programming
• 16Amp resistive, 4 Amp inductive
• Minimum setting: 1 minute
• Not suitable for discharge or LED lighting without a contactor
• 24 On/Off programmes
• Temperature rating: T45
• Running reserve: 3 years from factory @ 20°C
• Volt free SPDT contacts (remove link)
• Earth park terminal and cable clamps
Manual override fix on / timed / fix off / Random/ Countdown

Random Setting:
If the Random switching feature is enabled it will cause the timer to switch on/off  /- 28 minutes around the set time.

E.g. The random setting time is: 8:00-9:00, the “ON” time could be any time within 7:32-8:28 and “OFF” time could be any time between 8:32-9:28