OP-EBT2 Boost Timer
OP-EBT2 Boost Timer

OP-EBT2 Electronic Boost Timer

The OP-EBT2 is a two hour electronic, one-button boost timer with visual indicator. There are four pre-set timed outputs. Suitable for installation on a surface or in-wall pattress box. The electronic timer controls an internally linked output relay, with a resistive rating of 16 amps. An earth park terminal is provided. Surface-run cord outlet with cable restraint.
Press up to 4x to select boost output, press again to cancel.

  • BOOST SELECTIONS: 15 min / 30 min / 1 hr / 2 hr
  • DIMENSIONS: 85 x 85 x 30
  • CONNECTIONS: 4 x wire-protect screw terminals + earth park
  • WEIGHT: 150g
  • ACCURACY: Quartz Regulated (typically /- 1.0s)
  • MOUNTING: Standard Pattress (Socket Box)

Product Code: OP-EBT2