MFILT Compact Mini Magnetic Filter

Mini Magnetic Filter

● Works as a dual filter to maximise the life expectancy of your boiler whilst maintaining fuel efficiency
● Compact design for easy installation and maintenance
● Removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles
● Removes Iron, Nickel and Cobalt particles in the water
● 22mm compression fittings
● Glass filled reinforced plastic nylon
● Maximum working temperature 120 Deg C
● Maximum working pressure 5 bar
● Maximum flow rate 10 litre per min
● Rare neodymium 10,000 gauss magnet
● All the seals are high temperature EPDM seals
● Low level drain plug to save space
● Triple seals in isolating valves
● Saves energy by up to 6% per annum
● Provides consistent protection for the boiler system
● Extends the lifetime of the system
● Reduces carbon emissions
● Saves maintenance cost
● No extra operating cost
● Easy to install and clean

Height: 147mm
Width: 192mm
Body Material: Nylon/PA66-GF30%
Magnet Gauss: 10,000 GS
Magnet Diam: 14.5mm
Ball Valve: 22mm
Weight: 636g
Internal Volume: 120ML
Max Temp: 120 Deg C
Max Pressure: 10 Bar
Max Flow Rate: 18 Ltrs/Min @ 10kpa
Max Capacity: 115g