PRV Pressure Reducing Valve


PRVG Pressure Reducing Valve


Suitable for dynamic and static pressure applications
● PRV – 3/4″ Pressure Reducing Valve
● PRVG – 22mm Pressure Reducing Valve

All devices and products installed in a Hot Water or Central Heating system are developed to work within a dedicated pressure range, for instance, a tap that is defined to operate in a high-pressure water system (aka Mains Pressure) will frequently be rated to work in a pressure range between 1 to 10 Bar – the domestic mains water in the UK is essentially
bound to be within that range and so there would be no need to reduce the pressure for the tap.

If the mains pressure to a property remains in excess of 5 Bar it would be good practice to set the water pressure to no greater than the optimum working pressure of the products installed that the mains water feeds. To do this, a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) should be installed.

The term “Pressure Reducing Valve” is a little ambiguous. The function of a Pressure Reducing Valve (or PRV) is to set the top pressure at a set level. If the inbound pressure varies and is above the setting of the PRV, the pressure output of the PRV will remain at the set level, but if the incoming pressure reduces below the setting, the output pressure will be same as inbound and not reduce the water pressure any further.

Product Codes:
PRV – 3/4″ Threaded Pressure Reducing Valve
PRVG – 22mm Compression fitting Pressure Reducing Valve